24 Ways to Manage Stress

Manage Stress Girl

Manage Stress.

You need to manage stress in order to be a functioning human being. Stress is caused by external factors in our daily lives, maybe someone is gaslighting you, but most likely massive stress come from ourselves. Eliminating stress can make your life enjoyable and give you a drive and purpose you never thought possible.

Struggling with stress means you may be struggling with anxiety. Here is another one of our posts on 28 ways to reduce anxiety.

If you do not manage stress, the effects on overall health are no laughing matter.

Here are 24 ways to manage stress. It is important that you learn the skills necessary because it can can affect your body, mood, and behavior.

Common effects of stress:

Horrible headaches.
Pain in muscles or chest.
Increased fatigue and trouble sleeping.
Changes in sex drive.
Anxiety and Irritability.
Feeling overwhelmed and lacking focus.
Anger, sadness, depression.
Eating too much or too little.
Drug, alcohol, or tobacco use.
Not being social.
Lazy and not working out.

24 ways to manage stress:

1. Avoid negativity.

Look at all the different things that bring negativity to your life, whether it be work relationships, friends, family, or negative situations. I know that you can not just run away from your family, but if you need to keep your distance to get back on level ground then establish boundaries. Toxic people will drag us down to their level, and it makes them feel better. You do not have to cut off any relationships but take some time to bring positivity back in your life.

2. Exercise.

The last thing you want to do when you are stressed is exercise. Exercise is known as the most natural drug in the world. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to manage stress but people believe they can take a magic pill to fix everything, not true. Take a walk and build up your endurance. Get up and move every day and exercising on a regular basis will not be as scary as it seems.