24 Ways to Manage Stress

5. Hang out with friends and family.

You need to hang out with those friends and family that lift you up in life. Sometimes certain friends and family can bring us down. Spend time with those people who are a positive influence and you enjoy hanging out with. Go to the beach, mall, a meal, just do something fun where you can relax and talk your stress out.

6. Read a book, or listen to music.

You need to find a good book to take your mind off the world. Reading is relaxing because it slows down our thoughts and grounds us into the present. When you are stressed it can be hard to focus on a book, but keep reading and after about 10 minutes your mind will be in the rhythm. If you are not a reader and want to turn your brain off, then you should listen to some relaxing music. Listening to classical music such as pianos or other soft instruments can help you relax.