24 Ways to Manage Stress

3. Find time to relax.

We often feel guilty for relaxing but you need to do something you enjoy. Do an activity that will help you relax, massages, quiet time, or spoiling yourself. If laying in bed relaxes you then lay in bed. The most important thing is being ok with relaxing, do not always feel like you have to be productive. Your main priority right now is to manage stress otherwise you will not be able to function.

4. Laugh at everything.

Besides exercise, laughter is another powerful natural drug. You are taking life to seriously, laugh more, and enjoy life. Go find your most positive friend that is happy and likes to laugh. Happiness is contagious, hang out with people in your life who are full of life and laughter. Go see a funny movie, read a funny book, or just go to YouTube and find funny videos. Take the ‘try not to laugh challenge’, this will brighten your day.