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  • 50 Affirmations for Depression

    affirmations for depression

    Your mind is a battlefield. That’s what being depressed feels like. The negative self-talk is one of the most debilitating parts of the illness.  It makes you beat yourself up for your imperfections. Or blame yourself over negative events that happened. It also makes you […]

  • 40 Self Love Journal Prompts

    self love journal prompts

    It’s so easy to be self-critical. Sometimes, you’re not even aware you’re being too hard on yourself. That said, self love isn’t always easy. This is especially true when you’re going through tough times such as getting laid off work, financial problems, or a break-up. […]

  • 30 Great Psychology Quotes

    Psychology is the study of the mind. One of the newest fields of research, it is the psychology of human thought. Researchers in this area are seeking to understand why we do the things we do, what our nature has to do with our decisions, […]

  • 60 Powerful Journal Prompts for Depression

    Journal Prompts for Depression

    There’s no one-size-fits-all cure for depression.  That’s why we also need to explore other ways to feel better. Some of these are simple, such as eating healthy and getting enough sleep. But there’s another therapeutic way to deal with depression. And it involves putting your […]

  • QUIZ: Test your understanding of Grief and Mourning

    Taking this quiz will help you determine how well you understand grief. If you need help with your grief click here for online therapy that works. Don’t think too much as the best results are your first instinct for the answer.  

  • What Does a Narcissist Look Like?

    what does a narcissist look like1

    A narcissist is usually someone with a puffed up ego that inserts themselves in situations and is usually a detriment to others.

  • How Do I Grow As a Person?

    david goggins how do i grow as a person

    We don’t want to suffer as human beings, we don’t like discomfort. Especially in our society today, people are easy to quit when it gets hard, jobs, relationships, school, and other difficulties.

  • How Do I Become Mentally Strong?

    how do i become mentally strong

    Fear, whether it is real or it is made up in our heads can be a roadblock in our lives. Everything we want to accomplish is on the other side of that roadblock. So how do we get through it?

  • What Is the Definition of a Psychopath?

    A psychopath is a person who lacks empathy toward other people which stems into greater problems such as manipulation, compulsive lying, and extreme narcissism.

  • 5 Quick Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety

    5 quick ways to get rid of anxiety

    It is estimated that somewhere between 30 – 40 million Americans struggle with anxiety. Anxiety disorders can cause mild bumps in our days or it can interrupt it completely. Anxiety symptoms A sudden feeling of fear. Heart palpitations. Shaking or trembling. Sweating. Feeling like you are […]

  • Is Anxiety That Common?

    is anxiety that common psychology

    The short answer is YES, anxiety is that common. This is a good thing because you are not alone. Now let me give you some interesting statistics. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness […]

  • QUIZ: Do I Need Therapy?

    online therapy quiz

    Take this brief quiz to help you decide if you need to see a mental health professional. Answer these questions based on how you have felt in the past month. If you need professional help please refer to our online therapy section here. Don’t think too […]