24 Ways to Manage Stress

15. Eat better.

First, stop eating out, you will save money and a pant size. Do not try to set a world record of eating the most Big Macs. Fast food has high levels of sodium and other unnatural ingredients. Eating fast food makes your groggy that comes with a certain amount of guilt. Stay away from sodas, they are packed full of sugar that gives you mood swings. Cooking for yourself saves money, healthier food, and gives a sense of accomplishment at a well-prepared meal.

16. Be assertive.

Learning to be assertive can eliminate unnecessary stress and can help in work productivity. When you plan your day, be flexible, but if someone wants to interrupt a majority of your day, you have to tell them no. Learning to say no to things will help you build self-confidence and help you get work done. Saying no to people will not make them hate you, it will make them respect you more, do not let other people dictate your day.