24 Ways to Manage Stress

13. Start gardening.

Go outside and garden, surprisingly garden gives you health benefits. Gardening can reduce stress and anxiety. Gardening helps you exert energy which is beneficial for heart health and reduces the risk of stroke. It increases your hand strength and your overall dexterity. A long-term study over 3000 adults followed for 16 years, gardening reduced Alzheimer’s disease risk by 47%. Gardening also helps your overall immune system and is horticultural therapy to help with depression.

14. Get organized.

Start organizing and create a fixed schedule. Organization means getting rid of clutter and cleaning your house. You will not feel less stress in a pile of laundry or stacks of papers. Productivity increases when there is a clean house. Schedule your days from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep, and make sure to schedule some ‘me’ time.