Why Are More People Seeking Silence?

why are more people seeking silence

Silence is more important for us to have than we think, it can improve our memory, emotions, and learning.

YES, silence is beneficial to your health, and if you do not get enough of it you will be constantly stressed.

Just because you spend time in silence doesn’t mean you are alone or lonely. Silence offers many benefits related to our overall health and personal growth.

Silence is being sought by more people recently because of the lack of information overload. Cell phones, computers, tablets, and other devices are taking up all our time and keeping our brain busy. More people are seeking to get away from all the noise and slow down.

Some people actually fear silence because it makes them confront problems they do not want to deal with. Here are some benefits of silence.

  1. Our brains regenerate cells during periods of silence.
  2. Silence can help us get a restful night of sleep.
  3. During the silence, our brain evaluates the information we have taken in through the day.
  4. Boosts immune system.
  5. When the brain is in a resting stage (silence), it keeps processing information that becomes overwhelming if we don’t have silent times.
  6. Silence is a good time for self-reflection.
  7. Periods of quiet during the day can help you process information and become more attentive to small details.
  8. Noise increases stress hormones. If you are always around noise you will be giving yourself stress hormones all day.
  9. Silences releases tension in our bodies and brain.
  10. Lowers blood pressure. 
  11. Promotes good hormone regulation.
  12. Having too much noise can make us less motivated and make our cognitive functions such as reading, memory, and problem solving worse.

Numerous studies now show that children exposed to households or classrooms near airplane flight paths, railways or highways are slower in their development of cognitive and language skills and have lower reading scores. American Psychological Association

Silence helps relieve stress, tension, and reduces anxiety. If you need help reducing your anxiety, check out our article here. 28 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

In a 2013 study, scientists exposed mice to 2 hours of silence a day. They found that the mice had developed new cells in their brains. Specifically, the hippocampus which helps with memory, emotion, and learning.