QUIZ: Can You Answer 12 Easy Psychology Questions?

Be sure to choose wisely.

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    Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov is most famous for conducting experiments using what animals?

    ivan pavlov psychology quiz
    • Birds
    • Cats
    • Rats
    • Dogs
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    According to psychologist Sigmund Freud, personality is comprised of three elements: the Id, Ego, and…?

    sigmund freud psychology quiz
    • Desire
    • Emotion
    • Superego
    • Instinct
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    What area of psychology is Jean Piaget most famous for studying and providing theories about?

    jean piaget psychology quiz
    • Sexuality
    • Child Development
    • Aging
    • Mental Health
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    Which of these parenting styles has shown to produce the most confident, competent, and happy children?

    parenting styles psychology quiz
    • Permission
    • Authoritative
    • Strictness
    • Laxity
    • Authoritarian
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    Mary knows that if she does all of her chores, she won’t be grounded for the weekend. What type of motivation is she displaying?

    • Goal Oriented
    • Intrinsic
    • Task Oriented
    • Extrinsic
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    When his teacher asks Peter why he wants to paint the perfect waterfall scene, Peter replies with, “Because it will make me happy.” What type of motivation is Peter displaying?

    basic psychology quiz
    • Goal-defined
    • Extrinsic
    • Intrinsic
    • Both Goal-defined and Intrisic
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    The first step of classical conditioning is pairing a neutral stimulus with an _____ stimulus.

    dog psychology questions quiz
    • Conditioned
    • Novel
    • Unconditioned
    • Book
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    What is the main difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?

    difference between psychologist and psychiatrist
    • A psychologist only holds an Associates Degree.
    • A psychiatrist is classified as a medical doctor.
    • There is no difference. They can be used interchangeably.
    • One sees patients and one doesn’t.
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    Which of these is NOT one of the five major personality dimensions, according to the “Big Five Theory?”

    big five theory psychology
    • Neuroticism
    • Closedness
    • Openess
    • Extroverted
    • Enthusiasm
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    At which university did psychologist Philip Zimbardo conduct a prison experiment that had to be ended earlier than expected due to its participants taking their roles to an extreme level?

    philip zimbardo prison experiment
    • Oxford University
    • Stanford University
    • San Francisco University
    • Boston College
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    Mary Ainsworth studied the attachment theory by putting children and parents through a scenario famously called what?

    mary ainsworth children study
    • The Novel Situation
    • Parent Child Situation
    • The Situation
    • The Strange Situation
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    An easy one to end the quiz: Psychology is the study of the mind and ____.

    psycholgy is the study of mind
    • Mind
    • Body
    • Soul
    • Behavior