What Does a Narcissist Look Like?

what does a narcissist look like1

A narcissist is usually someone with a puffed up ego that inserts themselves in situations and is usually a detriment to others. These are people that it is usually all about them. For the rest of us narcissism, we can be plagued by insecurities but not to worry because we should love our imperfections and find strength in our weaknesses.

Inflated, grandiose self-image and think they are smarter, better looking, and more important than other people and believe they should get special treatment.

Narcissism is not something new under the sun. Since the ancient Greeks we have records of people too obsessed with themselves and how they look. Even before the selfie generation was around people were still worried about their image and their appearances to others, technology has made it more pronounced. Experts say that people are less social than ever because they have their head in their phone, but ever since newspapers came out we have seen people on trains buried with the latest news of the day. As I said, there is nothing new under the sun.

Psychologists have narrowed down narcissism down to two types.

Grandiose Narcissism which classifies them as being an extrovert that is trying to dominate every situation and others and seeks attention. They will seek out attention and power, examples would be most Hollywood celebrities and politicians. Not everyone in these fields of work are narcissists obviously but it can be a breeding ground for this type of behavior.

Vulnerable Narcism, on the other hand, can be the opposite of the grandiose where they will be quiet and reserved and have a strong sense of entitlement and are easily threatened. If someone crosses this person they can get extremely aggressive.

Usually, when these two types of narcissistic people are challenged on their personalities and someone points out their flaws, they can get angry, aggressive, and lash out. If that happens then everyone around them will suffer and the narcissist will go out life like nothing ever happened.

The narcissistic personality disorder is beast unto itself, taking narcissism to the extreme. It only affects around 2% of the population, can only happen in adults, and usually are men.

Narcissistic Personality Traits:

  • Grandious view of oneself.
  • Struggle to show empathy.
  • Have a strong sense of entitlement.
  • The constant need for adoration.
  • Usually takes over peoples lives.

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