QUIZ: Am I Ready For Sex?

When it comes to sex, once you “do the deed” there’s no turning back. The saying that “sex changes everything” is said for a reason, so you need to seriously ask yourself if you’re making the best decision for yourself and your life. After all, if you are planning to have sex with someone in hopes of getting them to like you more, than you’re going about it all wrong. Take our quiz to find out if you are truly ready to have sex with your significant other.

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    1. How long have you been in your current relationship?

    • A few months
    • A few weeks
    • I’m not currently in an “official” relationship
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    Do you think having sex with your current boyfriend/girlfriend will strengthen your relationship?

    • Yes
    • No
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    How much thought have you put into “doing the deed” with your current partner?

    • More than you care to admit…
    • Not much, but some
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    Are you considering having sex to appease your partner?

    • No, this is for you because it feels right.
    • Yes…is that bad??
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    Have you considered the possibility of unwanted pregnancies and STDs?

    • Absolutely. You are already planning to be careful and use protection as well as a method of birth control.
    • Somewhat…but you haven’t mentioned it because you didn’t want to make things awkward.
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    Does the thought of having sex with your partner excite you or make you nervous?

    • Totally excited!
    • Completely terrified.
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    Would you plan something special for the first time?

    • Yes, you’ve already put a great deal of thought into how it will all take place.
    • The thought of it actually happening makes you feel completely nervous!
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    Have the two of you discussed having sexual intercourse with one another?

    • Yes, you’ve openly discussed it.
    • You’ve tried mentioning it, but the timing hasn’t been right to discuss it in detail.
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    Are the two of you firmly exclusive?

    • Yes, of course. You know for certain he/she isn’t seeing anyone else.
    • You hope so, but you haven’t asked flat out.
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    Have you considered the possible repercussions of having sex with them?

    • 100%
    • No, what repercussions?!