Why is Self-Knowledge Important?

Do you want to fix your problems? You can, just get to know yourself better.

How to improve your self-awareness in a few steps.

Of course, knowing yourself completely is hard. You can’t solve every problem in your life but you can make little changes to help you along the way.

  • Step back.

Look at yourself in an objective way. Study the decisions that you make and try to understand why you have made those decisions without bias. Act as if you were a totally different person. It is all about stepping back from yourself and looking at your decisions in certain situations.

How do you react to certain things or people? This can be difficult, it would be good to talk out with a friend or two. Our friends know us better than we know ourselves sometimes if they are a good friend they will help you. Not just our friends but co-workers might be another person to help since you spend a majority of your time with them.

  • Goals and dreams.

The main purpose of self-knowledge is to improve your life. You need to have goals in life. You need to have 3 types of goals: short-term, mid-term, and long range.  Goals give us direction if we do not have a direction we just wander through life aimlessly. Goals also give us purpose. Write about everything in your life, your hopes, and your dreams. Start writing and think big.

  • Journaling.

It is good at the end of the day or when you are feeling stressed to start journaling. Get all your thoughts on paper, it is very therapeutic. Then go back the next day when you have some quiet time and read what you wrote. How were you feeling? If you read this objectively and the person was not you, what would you think? Journaling makes you more aware of what you are doing and where your problems may be stemming from.

  • Self-evaluation.

This is a super annoying thing that employers do once a year and it can be daunting. Do a self-evaluation of yourself, it is very beneficial and it provokes you to think deeply. Think about all the ways you can improve your life. What are you lacking in? What can you work on? Also, you should look at the positive things that you have been doing. What are you good at? How are you a good example to others? Think about what others would say of you. If you look at yourself objectively and from someone else’s perspective that would help you.

Having self-knowledge is not looking at yourself in a negative light, being self-absorbed, or prideful. You are seriously trying to change your life, and by becoming more aware of yourself, your needs, dreams, and wants, you can find out what you most desire in life.

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