Why is Self-Knowledge Important?

10 signs of a person who knows themselves well.

I am ok with the opinions of others but I usually end up making the final decision when it comes to the direction of my life.

I am very aware of how I am feeling, what thoughts I am having and how they are affecting me. I am also aware of what I need to be happy and know what I want.

I do not have to control others about how they think and feel, I am secure in knowing they can think differently than I do.

I can feel for people and empathize with them without having their problems become my problems.

I have priorities and I stick to them, I state my priorities clearly to others and do not let anything divert my ultimate goal.

I always accept responsibility for my actions and am willing to answer for them.

I enjoy spending time with others and I also love being by myself.

When things do not go my way or how I planned them I am flexible in changing plans.

When I do not like what I see when someone is unkind or I see some sort of unjust situation I am not afraid to stand up for myself and others.

I feel ok with doing things I enjoy, I have no problem taking care of myself and taking some time for relaxation.