Why is Self-Knowledge Important?

Importance of self-knowledge.

  • Helps you to understand your life better.
  • Gives you more self-understanding and self-control.
  • You can be more effective.
  • Live life with purpose and drive.
  • Make things happen rather than things just happening to you.
  • We understand our physical world and our inner world better.
  • Our mind becomes more in tune with the inner and outer realities.
  • We have the power to change our world and reality.
  • Change the quality of our life.
  • We can change our thinking.
  • Our view of the world can be changed by us.
  • Understanding that we create our own lives consciously and unconsciously.

Self-knowledge lets us understand the errors in our way of thinking and helps us to correct it to live a more fulfilling life internally and externally.