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Updated April 22, 2024

Psychology Tests & Quizzes

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Psychology Quizzes

IQ Tests

IQ Challenge – 21 Questions

Take one the most viral IQ challenge quizzes online. Test your IQ and see if you can make it through these 21 IQ questions, not everyone can get a perfect score, only a select few have! Link.

Moderate IQ Test – 19 Questions

See if you can pass this moderate IQ test. These are ok questions that usually the average person can get right. These are not the most difficult questions so this IQ test should be passable. Link.

IQ Challenge

Take the Quiz: 21 Question IQ Challenge

Moderate IQ Test

Take the Quiz: Moderate IQ Test

Psychology Quizzes

Are You Being Gaslighted? – 20 Questions

Gaslighting has become a hot topic lately but is still not mainstream. Take this quiz to find out if a person you know is manipulating you and stop being gaslighted. Link.

Do I Have Anxiety? – 25 Questions

Anxiety can lead to high-stress levels and depression. Take this quiz to find out how bad your anxiety levels are and if you need to seek help. Link.

Can You Answer 12 Easy Psychology Questions? – 12 Questions

See if you can answer 12 simple questions about the field of psychology. Everyone should know this general knowledge of psychology, especially if they were listening in college. Link.

Do I Have Depression? – 23 Questions

Depression can hit at any time, you may be going through life changes or a breakup. Take the quiz to see if you have severe depression in which you should seek medical help. Link.

Am I Being Emotionally Abused By a Narcissist? – 23 Questions

An emotional abuser can try and control your world by manipulating you. Take this test to see if the narcissist in your life is abusing you in some way. Link.

Do I Have ADHD? – 26 Questions

ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder can be common among adults but it goes undiagnosed. Most people have a problem with focusing, getting tasks done, or sitting still for an extended amount of time. Link.

Do I Need Therapy? – 17 Questions

It can be hard to reach out for help. Have you been experiencing a change in your behavior and emotions drastically within the last month? It would be good for you to take this quiz to see if you need to seek professional help. Link.

Are You Being Gaslighted?

Gaslighting has become a popular term and is actually on its way up on Google Trends. Being gaslighted by someone can cause you to lose a sense of self and reality. This person will manipulate you to get whatever they want and constantly make you feel bad. Take the Gaslighting quiz to see if a friend or the person you are in a relationship is gaslighting you.

Take the Quiz: Are You Being Gaslighted?

Do I Have Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are very common in the psychology field. In the United States over 3 million people a year are diagnosed with some sort of anxiety disorder. Anxiety can have symptoms of constant worrying, anxiousness, and fear. When anxiety gets to the point where it is interrupting our daily activities then it is time to get some help. Usually, anxiety is easy to diagnose yourself just by paying attention to the way you feel. You should always see a professional or talk to a therapist to see how to treat your anxiety.

Take the Quiz: Do I Have Anxiety?

Can You Answer 12 Easy Psychology Questions?

Take the Quiz: Can You Answer 12 Easy Psychology Questions?

Do I Have Depression?

Take the Quiz: Do I Have Depression?

Am I Being Emotionally Abused By a Narcissist?

Take the Quiz: Am I Being Emotionally Abused By a Narcissist?

Do I Have ADHD?

Take the Quiz: Do I Have ADHD?

Do I Need Therapy?

Take the Quiz: Do I Need Therapy?

Disclaimer: None of the test or quizzes found on are meant to be used to diagnose. Always seek a healthcare professional before making any decisions about your health or lifestyle. You can seek a healthcare professional here.