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  • Anthony Bourdain

    How Do Celebrity Suicides Impact Regular People?

    Celebrity Suicide Has Major Impact on Americans After the news of the suicides of fashion designer Kate Spade (June 5th, 2018) and tv personality/chef Anthony Bourdain (June 8th, 2018), suicide prevention hotlines saw a massive increase in calls and texts messages. The National Suicide Prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255 […] More

  • why is self knowledge important know yourself self care

    Why is Self-Knowledge Important?

    Why is self-knowledge important? Back in the good old days, philosophers talked about the importance of self-knowledge. In more modern times psychologists see the value in self-knowledge. It can help you improve your life by looking at your decisions, desires, wants, needs, goals, and emotions. […] More

  • good examples of body language men women list

    What Are Good Examples of Body Language?

    What are good examples of body language? Body language is how we communicate without words, this may be obvious but the brain picks up on nonverbal language cues 1/5 of a second faster than when someone is speaking. An example would be if walk into […] More

  • create good habits bad

    How Do I Create Good Personal Habits?

    How do I create good personal habits? Habits can either be good and helpful in our personal lives or they can be bad and hinder us. A habit is an automatic routine that our body performs so that our minds will be freed up to […] More

  • How Do I Stop Being Lazy

    How Do I Stop Being Lazy?

    How Do I Stop Being Lazy? 18 Ways to Stop Being Lazy Right Now. For the most part, people want to stop being lazy. Everyone always wants to know how to improve their lives, make more money, and how they can be healthier. There is […] More

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