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  • psychology questions answers articles

    Psychology Articles

    Updated Psychology Articles: Important Psychology Questions and Answers What is Gaslighting? – Reading Time: 7 mins 47 secs Gaslighting has been a popular term used in mainstream media but is still widely unknown. Gaslighting is a form of manipulation where the victim feels like they […] More

  • exercise is the best medicine

    How Does Exercise Benefit My Mental Health?

    Exercise is the best medicine, yes it actually is. There are instant mental health benefits from moving your muscles. Many psychologists are more apt to spend more sessions with a patient or try to prescribe different medications. It is becoming more clear that exercise can […] More

  • why are more people seeking silence

    Why Are More People Seeking Silence?

    Silence is more important for us to have than we think, it can improve our memory, emotions, and learning. YES, silence is beneficial to your health, and if you do not get enough of it you will be constantly stressed. Just because you spend time […] More

  • summer anxiety hot weather


    Why Does Hot Weather Give Me Anxiety?

    It is true that hot weather can heighten your anxiety levels and change your mood drastically. A lot of people experience heightened anxiety during the summer months. Summer anxiety is actually a thing and it causes a jump in your anxiety levels with increased heat […] More

  • coffee anxiety

    Is Caffeine Making Me Have Anxiety?

    Caffeine can increase alertness, concentration, and memory but it can cause anxiety and panic attacks. Is caffeine making you have anxiety? The short answer: you can find out by noting the physical effects of drinking caffeine. If you are feeling anxious, then have some more […] More

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