How Do I Grow As a Person?

david goggins how do i grow as a person

When the smallest thing in our life gets difficult, we run away.

We don’t want to suffer as human beings, we don’t like discomfort. Especially in our society today, people are easy to quit when it gets hard, jobs, relationships, school, and other difficulties. The ability to develop a thick skin needs to be revived. Our society is filled with overly sensitive people and David Goggins tells us that we need to callus our minds to make them strong. Just as we callus our hands when we lift heavy weights, we can do the same with our minds when we endure pain.

David Goggins in a former navy seal and motivational speaker. He talks about how people these days quit hard tasks easily. Who is going to be the leaders in the different communities if no one can endure minor pain or criticisms? People don’t want to feel discomfort in life, and when they stay comfortable they have no growth.

To find growth I had to face all these different things that make me feel uncomfortable. David Goggins.

If you constantly run away from things that make you feel uncomfortable you will never grow. Being a Navy SEAL, a gun doesn’t make you the warrior, your mind does. You are in a constant battle to train your mind to be tough. It is easy to practice certain military scenarios, but when you get in the real fight, what will your mind do? Is it going to quit under pressure because it hasn’t had proper training?

David Goggins tells a story of when he was into bodybuilding and weight training and had only run 10 miles in a year when he signed up to do a 135 mile run for charity. To qualify for this race David had to run 100 miles in 24 hours. 4 days after he talked to the race director he went to San Diego to try and run 100 miles in 24 hours.

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He went to the race and he said all was well until mile 70, and ‘he was totally destroyed’. He sat down in a lawn chair and he couldn’t stand up, not even to go to the bathroom. Dizzy, pale, lightheaded, this was the worst situation he had been in his life, even worse than hell week and SEAL training.

His body was in the worst shape of his life because of bodybuilding (he never did cardio). His mind was in panic mode because of what he just put his body through. He rehydrated and calmed his mind down and started the race again. Once the mind knows you are not going to quit your body keeps going. He was able to finish the race with 101 miles in 18 hours and 56 minutes.

Many obstacles he had overcome in his life but finishing this race and completely controlling his mind was the catalyst for his massive success today.

I am not gifted, I am driven. David Goggins

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David Goggin’s ways to strengthen your mind.

  1. Do things that make you uncomfortable.
  2. Put yourself through suffering, when you do, calm your mind.
  3. You are only doing 40% of what your body is actually capable of.
  4. Run, an exercise that hurts every day. (Strengthening your muscles not getting injuries.)