How Do I Create Good Personal Habits?

28 Good habits to form.

These are all self-explanatory so no description needed.

  1. Go to bed at the same time every night.
  2. Take care of your teeth, brush longer and floss.
  3. Eat a big breakfast, medium lunch, and light dinner.
  4. Never snack, only eat at meal times.
  5. No fast food.
  6. Keep a journal of what you are eating. MyFitnessPal iPhone app is my favorite.
  7. Have healthy snacks if you have to snack.
  8. Sit at a table and eat not in front of a television.
  9. Go to bed early.
  10. Wake up early.
  11. Do not text or answer calls passed a certain hour.
  12. When in bed do not look at your laptop or phone.
  13. Do 20 minutes of exercise every day.
  14. Find different ways to motivate yourself.
  15. Find time to pray or meditate.
  16. Think about all the good things that have happened to you today.
  17. Spend time in silence.
  18. Be happy and smile more.
  19. Get a list of books to read, read a book a week.
  20. Learn from reading.
  21. Clean out your house and give the excess to those who need it more.
  22. When you meet people be friendly and smile.
  23. Make new friends.
  24. Help someone out and motivate them.
  25. Do not be afraid to express emotions.
  26. Say ‘sorry’ when you are wrong.
  27. Understand how someone else is feeling.