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  • Manage Stress Girl

    24 Ways to Manage Stress

    Manage Stress. You need to manage stress in order to be a functioning human being. Stress is caused by external factors in our daily lives, maybe someone is gaslighting you, but most likely massive stress come from ourselves. Eliminating stress can make your life enjoyable and […] More

  • Gaslighted Girl


    QUIZ: Are You Being Gaslighted?

    Click button to start the free test or read on for more information! Estimated test time: 3 minutes. Gaslighting is a type of manipulation that makes a person question their own sanity. To find out what being gaslighted means, check out our comprehensive post What is […] More

  • Being Gaslighted


    What is Gaslighting?

    Find out if someone is Gaslighting you. Take the Quiz. Fashion trends come and go. In Psychology forms of manipulation come and go but spring up as different forms. Gaslighting may be a relatively new term, but I bet you didn’t know it was around […] More