28 Ways to Reduce Anxiety Attacks

11. Create a schedule and routine.

Create a schedule of everything you will do in one day. Keep doing the same routine at least with one part of your schedule. If every morning you like to read a little then only read 5 pages a day, but stick to the routine, you will feel more in control.  Do not stray from it that much, obviously, you can not follow it 100% but do your best. It will eliminate a lot of anxiety and give you reassurance and control over what you will be doing that day. This will make you more organized and take away anxiety.

12. Stop procrastinating.

Get things done. If you have to call this person and you have been putting it off, stop reading this and call them. If you have to finish this project, get it done. Finishing projects or taking care of obligations before they pile up will help eliminate a lot of anxiety. Getting rid of the things will have to do will create less anxiety and worry.