28 Ways to Reduce Anxiety Attacks

7. Be grateful.

Go home and look at everything you have. Look at how much you have been given in this life. Have you ever gone without a meal? Chances are you reading this from your computer or phone. You have so much that has been given to your or you have worked for that you do not appreciate. You have so many friends and family who care about you that you should be grateful for. Once you realize you are blessed, worrying will fade away once you realize how insignificant your fears are.

8. Quiet time.

Everyone needs quiet time to process. Being human is to be with other people and interacting, but we also need times to recoup our mental and physical energy. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert (if you do not know what you are CLICK HERE to take the Myers-Briggs Personality test) you receive quiet times in different ways. Quiet time can be good if you do not start worrying about needless things. Just lay down and relax, if negative thoughts, let them pass as fast as they came, do not entertain your negative thoughts.